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I Hate August

1:24 PM

August was a shitty month. There is just no other way to break it down. It was filled with death, disappointment, racism, hatred, and unforeseen problems. And I for one will not be participating in August next year.

Listen, August swooped her hating ass down and knocked everything on the table onto the floor and dared me to pick it up. It was really the most disturbing month I've ever had the displeasure of being a part of. Let's see if I can name off the things that happened in the exact order of their occurrence.

1. At the beginning of the month, I was on my way home from work and caught a flat. No problem, right? These things happen all the time. Well, the universe decided to show me that things don't always come easy. Not only did it take an hour for someone to come change my tire, but when they were trying to take the tire off, they broke something. But, the spare was put on, and I was off. While diving slower than usual, I was pulled over by the police, "hey, uh, just wanted to make sure you weren't drinking, because you know you were driving slow." I quickly pointed to my spare and explained what was happening. He let me go, and again, I was on my way. THEN when I was just four minutes away from home...wait for it...the spare went flat. Now listen, if there were ever a sign that shit wasn't going to get better, this was it. But I continued to participate in the month anyway instead of hiding under the covers until it was over. Now that's what I should have done.

2. A young man by the name of Michael Brown was shot down while surrendering to a cop, and we have been fighting against blatant racism and unfair treatment everyday since. It's always been there, but there is something about a black person's death that makes all of the racists stand up and say, HERE I AM! Riots broke out, and celebrities like Nelly made an idiotic statement, he actually made a few, but I digress. Then POTUS was all, "this is sad, let's be peaceful and hope for the best." Although this was later, it's relevant to the situation, Iyanla Vanzant went to Ferguson to try and fix the city, and fixed nothing. I gave Oprah the side eye for approving this. You see, you can love someone, but you can't condone everything they do. It's ok to hold your favorite accountable. 

3. My depression showed up and showed out, and I wasn't sure about the future. 

4. My cousin passed away from cancer. I'm glad he's free from the pain, but it doesn't mean I miss him any less. R.I.P. Melvin.

5. I had to step out of character at work, and go head to head with a co-worker. I've never lost it at work before. By the end of that confrontation, I was in my manager's office saying to my boss, "she gets on my nerves, and I'm sick of her shit."

6. And bringing it on home, I was in a car accident with a woman who refuses to take responsibility. I literally had to stop talking to her to stop myself from catching a case. I'm still dealing with this one. It followed me into September y'all.

So you see, August has just been awful, and I'm tired of it. Everyone around me had a bad August, and every time they'd tell me why theirs was so bad, it was like the universe said, "oh really? Well Alana will take your terrible living situation and raise you a car accident!" And then BOOM! I wrote about my bad day  two years ago, and about how Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was one of my favorite books. In just 31 days, I was able to trump my terrible day AND Alexander's. That's got to be some kind of record.

We're now in September, and I refuse to let it be the hating ass hater August was. So here's to a new month that's going to be better than the last. We gotta pray y'all.

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