Quick Thought: Hurt People

12:46 AM

It's been said very often that, "Hurt people hurt people." This means that those who have been hurt once before sometimes lash out at those around them. Up until recently, I had someone like this in my life. They were always pointing a finger at those around them saying what people were doing to them was wrong, but for some reason they could never see the part they played in the cluster fuck that was their life. I always overlooked the tantrums and the anger and made excuses for them by saying, well he has been through a lot or she was hurt by ________. I never thought to say, this is wrong.   I was often times this person's proverbial punching bag because they knew that in the end, Alana would always be there. All of this goes back to my post about the giving tree.

There is a quote by Jane Austen that says angry people are not always wise. The truth of the matter is, angry people can be assholes. And we as their support system and friends are feeding their irrational bullshit.

I do believe that hurt people hurt people. I also believe that bad behavior only gets worse if you placate those who are acting out. So if someone is hurt, and you call yourself their friend, be the kind of friend that calls them out on their bad behavior. Your hurt friend will only continue to hurt people, yourself included, if you rub their back and tell them that it's ok.

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