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Sincerelyalana Update!

1:12 AM

I feel like I've abandoned this place. If I'm being honest, (and I try to be as honest as possible) I really haven't done much writing outside of my freelance work. I've started blog posts and then sent them straight to the draft box. Nothing that I've written for sincerelyalana.com seemed good enough. This is my baby, this place helped me find myself and my writing voice. It has allowed me to be completely open and honest. It has also stopped me from being one of those people who updates their Facebook status every five minutes. I love it here, but I haven't been acting like it lately. My goal is to revamp the site and definitely write more. I also need to work on my professional site alanastoner.com and my genealogy site mygenealogyjourney.com.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything here, I resigned from The Bridal Hot List. The reason isn't important, but trust me, I had a good one. What I learned from writing for TBHL is, sticking with something just so that you can say that you didn't quit, is slightly ridiculous. I wasn't proud of my work, but I felt bad for walking away. However, something happened that made me do a double take and I decided that I didn't want to continue to waste time on something that I didn't feel passionate about.

I joined a writing group at the top of the year. The ladies and gentlemen are so encouraging. I can log in and vent about something, whether it be about writing or not, and they are there with encouraging words and advice. Last month the creator of the group brought something to all of our attention, and the Amazon Challenge was created. Everyone who has decided to participate is working on a novella that we will self publish at the end of September. We will support each other's work, and even suggest it to friends and family. I'm in the editing stages of this challenge, and I haven't decided whether to write under a pen name or not. So there is that...

I'm still writing for Miss A where I cover charity events. I will be covering an even for The Wounded Warrior Project. Not only will I be on the red carpet, I'll also be inside of the event.

And finally, I will be Walking To End Breast Cancer next week with friends and family in support of a family member.

Everything seems great, right? Well not so much. I'm struggling with writing for myself and not sacrificing who I am just to please other people. Here, I'm open and honest about everything. That honesty has caused a problem in my past, but it didn't matter then because it was just a job, not my career. 

This is what I do, in the end this is the only thing I'll do for a living, but right now, I have to find a happy medium. I can remember when my Facebook page was just family and friends, now, it's family, friends, editors, people I write for, and people that I admire. I find myself watering down my words, ignoring my emotions, due to the fact that these people have "friended" me on Facebook. I also allowed people who admire my work, friend me on Facebook. Who told me that was a good idea?

Before I started accepting friend requests from these people, I'd thought about creating a separate account specifically for these people, but I clearly didn't make it happen soon enough. So now, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place of trying to stay true to myself while not stunting my career growth. Nobody said this would be easy.

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