#XD30 -3- If You Were Mine

12:03 AM

"Cammy, baby, I think we've got it."

Zaire looked at Camilla through the glass that separated them. They'd been working on her new album for weeks, and things were finally starting to take shape. Zaire continued to stare at Camilla, she was looking down and humming the song they'd just finished.

He had been in love with Camilla since the day Jacob introduced them. Zaire was an award winning writer/producer, but he was also Jacob's little brother, and he was the only man Jacob felt comfortable enough to leave Camilla alone with. If he knew about Zaire's feelings for Camilla, he'd surely flip out.

It was no secret that his brother hit Camilla. Everyone knew it. The brothers had almost come to blows once before when Zaire decided to confront Jacob. He wasn't the type of person to get into other people's business, but this was Camilla, the woman he had fallen in love with. 

Pressing a button, Zaire spoke to Camille, "come out and listen to the track."

Camilla smiled brightly at him, and quickly left the booth. "How does it sound?" She asked eagerly.

Zaire pulled out the char next to him for her to sit in, "like all of the songs we've done together sound, amazing. Your voice is beautiful baby."

"Thanks, Z. I don't know if I would have been able to do this without you helping me."

Her hazel eyes sparkled, and her dimples winked at him. "Your talent speaks for itself Cammy. You didn't need me."

"I did, and I'm thankful that I have you." Camilla placed her hand on Zaire's arm, and time seemed to stop.

Zaire turned in his chair and faced Camilla, "Cam..."

"I don't..."

Reaching out, Zaire lifted Camilla out of her chair and into his lap. "Don't think cam, just feel." This had to be her decision, she had to make the first move, any move would do. In seconds, Zaire's prayers were answered, Camilla wrapped her arms around his neck, and he took it from there. 

Zaire slanted his mouth over Camilla's and took her mouth in a kiss that would change their lives forever. 

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