#XD30 -2- Gloomy Sunday

12:15 PM

With a drink in his hand, Jacob watched Camilla as she stood in front of a microphone and belted out her new song. Her long elegant black evening gown pooled around her feet as her beautifully haunting voice held the audience captive. She was beautiful, and she belonged to him.

Jacob sipped his drink and thought back to the time when he and Camilla first met

He'd been watching her for a while, always in a dark corner where he could see but wouldn't be seen. Jacob found out that she performed at Maybelle's every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.Camilla's voice grabbed him from the moment he'd walked into the small Juke Joint. Her looks were just the icing on the cake. She was gorgeous, long brown curly hair, that she wore clipped to the side with a large white flower, her hazel eyes sparkled when she sang. She was most happy when she was singing.

That first night, Camilla was singing Gloomy Sunday, a terribly sad Billie Holiday song that she seemed to relate to. Jacob had noticed from the time he sat down to watch her, that although she looked like she was enjoying performing, her shoulder were slightly slumped. Like her story rested there, and was too heavy to hold. 

The song ended, and Camilla thanked the audience, who were on their feet clapping and whistling, before exiting the stage. He watched her every move, she was coming towards the bar, but it was slow moving with people stopping her to say just how amazing they thought she was. Camilla thanked them, turned her cheek up so that they could kiss her. She'd even given a few starry eyed men gentle kisses on the cheek before finally making it to the bar where Jacob sat. 

"Hello." She smiled brightly, showing off two perfect dimples.

Jacob had been slightly thrown off by her beauty, but he quickly recovered. "Your voice is beautiful, and so are you."

"Thank you," she blushed and turned to the bartender who had been watching Jacob with a frown on his face. He didn't trust Jacob, and with good reason.

"Bill, can I have a glass of water please?"

The bartender smiled, showing every tooth in his mouth. Everyone in Maybelle's loved Camilla. She'd been singing there since she was eighteen. "You can have anything you want baby." 

"Do you sing here often?" 

Turning, Camilla looked Jacob in the eye and said nothing for a few seconds, "you're not from here."

"Is it that obvious?' Jacob chuckled.

"To a girl who grew up in this small town? Yes. If you were from here, there is no way you wouldn't have come to Maybelle's and seen me at least once."

"So you do sing here often." Jacob was tired of the small talk, but it seemed Camilla wasn't. He'd continue until he got what he wanted. 

"Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday."

"And what do you do on the days that you aren't performing?"

Camilla shrugged, and thanked Bill who handed her a glass of water. He showed no signs of walking away.

"I love your voice, and I would love to sit down and talk to you about a possible record deal." She looked at him skeptically until he pulled out a business card.Jacob watched as the doubt on her face was replaced by interest. He had her, and if he got his way, he'd keep her, forever.

The roar of the brought Jacob back to the present. Camilla was wrapping up her set, and it looked like it had gone well. She thanked her audience, and picked up a white rose that had been thrown on the stage, and smelled it. Waving, she walked off stage and into Jacob's waiting arms.

"I did it, J," she whispered in his ear. "You made this happen for me."

"Yes, you did baby, and you were amazing." He felt her tears on his neck, tears of happiness and gratitude. Jacob knew that he'd find a way for her to thank him later.

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