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Rambles and Reason: Am I a Writer?

5:25 PM

My life is changing, and I don't know how to talk about it without becoming a blubbering mess. Everything and everyone around me is changing, and although it's all good, I don't know how to accept it. I don't know how to take it all in, but I know I have to. I also don't know how to tell the stories surrounding me without being an over sharer. That may sound weird since I share so much on this blog, but I do keep some things to myself. I've always wanted this space to be honest and authentic, it's never been about page views for me because my goal is not to be a blogger. I'm a writer, I tell stories, that's what I do, it's what I love. 

Recently, I went on an interview. The company is so different, and the job is slightly different from what I do now. Some aspects of the job are the same as what I am currently doing, but all I've ever wanted was to separate myself from the current company I work for. I've wanted to do something different for so long because I am bored at my job. Everyone knows this, I make it a point to announce it once a day, and by once I mean eight.

Anyway, during the interview, the subject of what I do outside of work came up, and I said something that I've never said out loud. I'm a writer. I spoke those words to the interviewer, I spoke those words out loud, and I meant it. Me saying that led to her asking me if I'd be willing to work in the marketing department while writing for the company blog. My heart slammed against my chest, this isn't what I'd gone in expecting. 

Life is funny, we get up in the morning with no real expectations. Other than a prayer that today be better than yesterday, there are no other hopes for  some. That was me the day of the interview. I wasn't sure that this was a company that I wanted to work for, but I knew that in order to move on from my current situation, I had to make moves, so I did. And those moves seem to be paying off. I've always asked the question, when can you call yourself a writer? But the answers to that question were never good enough for me. I guess the only real answer is: when you feel strong enough to carry the title. 

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