A Day In My Life

1:26 PM

The drive to work is unusually short today. I get to work way too soon for my liking. I've decided to drive with the music off and instead listen to screeching tires, and honking horns. My breaks are squealing because it's time for new ones, but, I've been holding off because my mechanic is thirty minutes away from where I now live. A place which I hate also. Everything, all of the signs in my life are telling me to call my therapist. But I get busy and say, "I'll call tomorrow." As if I don't know the saying tomorrow is not promised. Tomorrow comes, but I don't call, because I'm busy again, and I can always do it tomorrow. Because if I am meant to see tomorrow there will actually be another promised day. One day I will wake up and I won't moan because morning came too soon. Because I have to go to a place that I hate, because my bills said so.

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