Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

2:02 AM

I dread the day that all of my friends and family members start getting married. That will be the beginning of what will become a very long and torturous life of always being a bridesmaid and never being the bride I never wanted to be.

Single people wait for the phone call. You know the one, GIRL, I'M GETTING MARRIED! We join in on the festivities, but inside we are rolling our eyes because we know what is coming next, "will you be my bridesmaid?" cue the sad trombone. I am at an age where the calls will start coming. I've already received more than enough baby shower invites to make me want to call my doctor and set up an appointment to get my tubes tied.

Being a bridesmaid for your friends means accumulating numerous dresses. Dresses that you get no real say in, which means that if your friend isn't fashion savy, she could have you walking around dressed like a pregnant Kim K (See: and I'm sure that's not what you want. Every time you open your closet you will be forced to look at the dresses of weddings past. You will be reminded that you are either single, or your current boyfriend still hasn't popped the question. And again, you will be forced to stare at some very ugly dresses and the matching shoes that you've thrown up on a shelf in your closet in hopes of forgetting that ugly satin shoe that hurt your feet.

The other less than exciting part of friends and family getting married is, the bridezilla! It's that person your family or friend turns into while planning their wedding. The demands, the complaints, the obligations. Your life is not your own until your friend has walked down the aisle, said I do, and is off on her honeymoon with her new husband. You will live and breathe this wedding with her, because she will call, and she will cry, and she will get frustrated and yell, and you're not supposed to yell back. But you will. Well, if you're like me you will.

I thought the days of picking ugly bridesmaid dresses had long since passed, but after seeing recent wedding photos of someone I know, it's obvious some women are still trying to be the prettiest thing in their wedding photos. I could almost accept being a bridesmaid time and time again, if I knew for certain that I could just show up to the wedding, put on a pretty dress and a nice shoe, and call it a day. However, we don't always get everything we want. This is the life of a professional bridesmaid who has yet to become a bride herself.

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