27 For My 27th

11:16 AM

You've grown Alana

A friend said this to me during dinner, and as I listened to myself speak, I immediately thought, yes, I have grown. Growing up isn't about getting older, but rather wiser, and becoming aware, and taking responsibility when it's necessary. I turn twenty seven today, and although it's not one of those birthdays that's considered monumental, it is for me. I'm not perfect, I haven't completely figured it out, but I'm getting there, and I'm ok, and I will continue to be ok. I've grown, and I'm still growing.

1. You can not save the world

2. Your life is worth living

3. You are not perfect...and that's totally ok

4. Love is...worth it

5. You are fragile, not weak

6. You are strong enough to speak up when help is needed

7. In order to take responsibility, you must first admit to yourself before admitting to others where you went wrong

8. Your love is precious, give it to someone who deserves it

9. Get over the possibility of what could have been, when you are ready

10. Cry when you need to

11. Laugh once every hour

12. You are a writer. You know this, claim it, go for it

13. You are perfectly imperfect, and that's...perfect

14. If you want it, it will be yours

15. Find your faith and hold on to it. Faith isn't just about religion, you need to remember that

16. Not everyone will agree with your choices. Who cares? They are yours, own them

17. Your plans are not set in stone, it's ok to change directions

18. You are funny, smart, loving, protective, and you deserve to laugh, be loved, and be protected by those around you, Don't sell yourself short

19. Mom is home

20. People love you, let them

21. You are more than your voice, more than your body, more than the labels that have been placed on you throughout the years

22. You are still growing, don't stunt your own growth

23. If it doesn't happen this year, try it another year

24. Smile, even when you don't feel like it. Especially when you don't feel like it

25. Travel, see the world. Let the world see you

26. Do as Bassey once said, "fuck fear, love anyway"

27. Hold on to hope, allow it to lay on you like a blanket, and cover you with all possibilities


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