Quick Thought: Let Go

11:46 AM

I'll never understand the woman who holds on to the man that's always trying to get away. Hoping to break free and leave her behind so that he can find something better. I mean, the signs are there. He's smiling less, you don't laugh the way you use to, and you're arguing about small things that you use to laugh about. The warm and fuzzy feeling is now ice cold and is freezing his heart by the second. He doesn't want you, and no matter what you do, or what you say, you'll never be be his everything. He won't think about you and smile, and your heart will continue to break while his grows cold. Let it go, move on, and find something other than him to hold on to. Wait for the smile to return to your face, for the warm and fuzzy feeling to return, and become your own everything until someone comes along that is worthy of everything you have to give. And know, that what you give, will be good enough for the man who truly loves you.

Let go

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