Momentary Rant: Challenging Things We Aren't Supposed To Challenge

2:24 PM

I've never been one to tell someone that they were wrong for feeling the way that they feel, or that their opinion is wrong. Sure, I've thought about how stupid their decisions were, but it was never my place to voice my opinion about their opinion. 

That being said, I'm a little frustrated with a Facebook status update that I saw today. And no matter how much I try to ignore it, my frustration continues to grow. I logged into my account today and saw a status update where someone said that they didn't trust Mitt Romney's eyes, but they believe in God, and that's what they were voting for. She was in no way saying that Mitt was/is God. She was however saying that she stood behind his views on abortion. I don't.

I understand and respect people who don't agree with abortion. I don't however agree with people who believe they have a right to tell anyone what to do with their body. For anyone to tell me that if I get pregnant, I must keep a child that I can't support, or I don't want, pisses me off. To tell me that I must keep a child that was conceived through rape, is just low. And to then bring God and Religion in it to support a decision that in my honest opinion is ridiculous, blows my mind.

Politics to me, is like Religion. I don't speak about it, because it is a touchy subject. But I can not sit around and watch people tell my gay friends that it is wrong for them to marry, or tell women that they must have a child that they can not take care of or do not want. 

Has anyone thought back to a time when women were going to apartments to get rid of babies because they couldn't have abortions? Are we going to be forced to go back to that? Why would you want anyone to bring another life into this world and possibly mistreat it, or struggle to put food in it's stomach? Why are you allowing people to tell others that their love for the same sex is wrong? Why does it matter what someone else does with their life? Because God said so? Because the Bible, that was written by man, said so? 

I don't have a problem with opinions, I do however have a problem with someone stating an opinion and then hiding behind things that are not supposed to be challenged: God and Religion.

Vote for whoever you want, and stand by that, but don't insult those who will be affected by your decision by throwing God into it.

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