9:44 PM

Love wasn't supposed to hurt. It wasn't supposed to break you. It does, and it has. These were Emily's thoughts as she wept in her coffee. Her sixteen year marriage had ended this morning when Thomas, her soon to be ex-husband had packed his belongings and said to her, "I'm leaving you. I don't love you anymore." She hadn't cried then. Maybe Thomas was playing some sick joke, she thought. He always was terrible at jokes. They never made her laugh. At least they didn't have children to worry about. Her silent tears turned into loud sobs. Emily always wanted children, but Thomas never did. She'd put her life on hold for love.

Love, she hadn't expected her love to end this way. 

Looking down, Emily stared at the multiple pills spread out on the table. There were a lot more a few minutes ago. Soon, it would all be over. Soon, her pain would come to an end. Soon...

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