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Selma threw her head back and laughed as her husband swung her around the dance floor to the fast moving song. She hadn't been dancing in forever. The war was over, and her man was home. The band brought the song to a close and segued into a slow haunting song. 

She eased closer to the body that she'd been missing. This was their first slow dance since the troops had come home. Selma was hit with images of what her life would be like now that he was back. Everything would finally go back to normal.

Normal. It was a word she never thought she'd use again to describe her life. Letters, and worry had become the norm for her. Worried that one day she would get the news that death and lonely would become her life. She glanced around the club at all of the soldiers and their  wives. Her arms tightened around his neck. She wanted to hold on to this moment a little longer, needed to hold on to him a little tighter. Anything could happen tomorrow. There were no promises.

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