If You Could Would You?

10:00 AM

Ever wanted to go back and fix a regret?

One of my favorite shows is Being Erica. One day, a woman named Erica passes out at a coffee shop, she's sent to the hospital where she meets a doctor named Tom. Tom gives Erica his card and tells her that he can help her. So Erica enters therapy.

In therapy, Dr. Tom has Erica write down regrets. These are memories that she wishes to change. In every episode Dr. Tom sends her back to relive a regret. The idea isn't to change the past (because you can't) it's to learn from the regret and take what you've learned and bring it into the present. There is a lesson in every episode, and for the most part every lesson brings you back to the same conclusion. You can not change the past, you can however learn from it, and let it go.

Today while having lunch with a friend, I told her, "if I could go back, I would change some things to avoid being here, where I am today." There is no one thing that got you where you are today, it's several things rolled into one. However, changing ONE thing could ultimately change your entire life. Weird right? So although I said I would change some regrets, I'm not sure I would. My life isn't terrible, and in some ways I feel like trying to change what has already happened, is like saying that my life is one big mistake which I don't agree with.

Changing a regret sounds great at first, but if I were offered a chance to revisit regrets (which I believe everyone has) I would take it. I wouldn't however try to change the past, I would learn from it.

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