Zane Has Shamed Me

10:24 AM

I still remember the first Zane book that I bought. Yes, unfortunately, this means that I own more than one. I was in high school, and I believe I might have been around sixteen. The book was called Addicted. It was about a married woman who had a sex addiction. The story follows her as she tries to keep her marriage together, and run her business, all while fighting the NEED to have sex. The story was...ok. The sixteen year old me LOVED that book, and the ones that followed.

Now, ten years later, I am ashamed that I even own one Zane book. I brought this up to @Luvvie on Twitter the other day, and she reminded me of the book The Sisters of APF by Zane.  To this day, I have not one damn clue what Zane was trying to do with that book.

I won't go so far to say that she is a terrible writer. I will however, say that her writing is simple, and when I've read her work, I've felt slightly cheated. But I just chalk that up to her writing not being my cup of tea.

When I was younger, I liked reading anything that was dramatic. For example, I adored books by Eric Jerome Dickey, not because I thought he was this amazing writer. But because you could always count on him to bring the drama.

What bothers me about Zane is, she's got great ideas (don't believe me, read Shame on it All) but, she always ruins the story with her weak take on what she believes Erotica is. There is a fine line between Erotica and...what Zane writes.

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