Moving On

12:34 AM

It's time, I feel it. Everyday I wake up and I do the same thing. It's gotten old, and clearly it's time to move on.

I've lived in LA since I was five. I remember living in Pennsylvania and seeing movies set in LA, and thinking, that's where I want to live one day. I was overly excited when my mother announced that we were moving to California, Los Angeles no less. 

Once we made it, and settled into what became our routine, it all became real. I was living in LA! This was my home, and I loved it. Twenty one years later...I'm ready to go. I've always been an east coast girl at heart. I remember my life there. 

Waking up in the morning and feeding the rabbit that always seemed to be at my back door waiting for me, sitting on my mother's living room floor, watching cartoons, and waiting for her to finish making my oatmeal. It seemed to be the only thing that she knew how to cook. 

The life that I always flash back to is my time in  Pennsylvania. 

New York, that's home, I know it. I want the noise of the city to lull me to sleep at night. I'd like to navigate the streets that I've incorporated into numerous stories that I've written. Streets that I've only seen in movies or through pictures. I want to take my own pictures. My dreams, I believe, are waiting for me in New York. It's time for us to live in the same place.

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