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6:54 PM

The draft box of my blog is ridiculous! This is mostly because after I write something that's a little too personal, I pull back, hit the save button, and open up a new page. As much as I've said on this blog, I've kept three times as much to myself. I learned a long time ago that being an open book, isn't always smart. Sometimes, you should just show a page or two and move on. I've cried in this space, and I've complained in this space, but those posts don't have anything on the ones that will never be published. I've kept names out of blogs, typing them, and then deleting them. It isn't fair to bring those people into this space. Did they care? I don't know. Do I think they would have cared? I never really gave it any thought. My business, is mine to do what I want with it. But in doing so, I don't have a right to bring anyone else in.

I'm sure people have read my earlier posts and thought, oh, now I get it. Unfortunately, you don't, and if I don't want you to, you never will. There is a nameless person I wrote about constantly last year, I mean, I wrote about them every other day hoping that the answers I was searching for would appear in my writing. Never once did I mention their name, I saved that for the dinners with my friends that I knew were coming. They know me, they get me, and they don't judge me.

I have to admit, when you're on Twitter hours at a time, it is very easy to over share. You've been tweeting these people for months, even years, you've bonded, and formed great relationships. However, you have to always remember that unless your page is private (and even that isn't 100%) other people can read your words. Some people share too much. They share their lives, and then when people try to drag them and their names through the mud, they're screaming, why is this happening? You don't even know me! They may not know you, but they know what they see. And even if that's not the whole story, or even the real story, it's the one you gave them. 

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