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When I first saw this picture, I  immediately thought, how adorable are they?! Jay and Bey make this love thing seem worth it. I remember a time when they would walk together and not hold hands, and not speak about each other. They wanted to enjoy each other and what they had without prying eyes, and invasive questions. 

Often times, when people see someone that in love, and they don't have it, they'll try to rain on the couple's parade, which is why I completely understand them staying quiet about their relationship. I mean, we haven't even seen photos from their wedding. But you can't say that about some celebrities.

When this photo first surfaced, one of the amazing people I follow on Twitter (Brook) said this, she changed that man! She wasn't lying. You wouldn't have caught the Jay-Z that put out Reasonable Doubt in a country setting, laughing, and pushing a woman on a swing. Jay is now a married man, with a wife and child. Love changes people.

Love is beautiful, and anybody who tells you that they don't want it is clearly lying. I mean, who doesn't want a love that photographs just as beautifully as it feels? I look at that picture, and I now think, that's beautiful, and I want day.

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