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I was sitting at home on a Friday night brainstorming about Saturday's #30in30 post, when Jennifer Hudson showed up on my TV screaming at me about joining Weight Watchers *puts potato chip in mouth* this reminded me that I'd been meaning to watch SATC (the movie) because it had been a while. And there was Jennifer, on my TV, playing Effie White. Again.

 I can't say that I've been following J Hud's career since AI. But what I can say is, I remember when she was on the show singing her heart out and showing everybody the latest fashions from her closet. Which Simon ALWAYS said looked "dreadful".

When I heard that Dreamgirls was being made into a movie, I was ecstatic! I never got the chance to see the stage play, so I was anxious to see the movie. I sat in the theatre with my brother and his then girlfriend and watched Effie (Jennifer) lay her emotions out for Curtis in song, and immediately thought, she had a lot of awards coming her way. Including the Oscar.

I also knew that this movie was about to open doors to other acting opportunities for her, and this had me feeling some kind of way.

Jennifer doesn't do it for me as an actress. She plays two roles really well, Effie and Jennifer. And the two are one in the same. J Hud did not win the Oscar or NAACP Award, or Emmy based on her acting. She won it based on the one thing everybody had been waiting to hear since they'd heard about the movie. And I Am Telling You scored her the Oscar.

Anika Noni Rose and Beyonce were just as good in that movie, and they won nothing. Not even a nomination. Eddie Murphy, who I think owned the role of Jimmie, won nothing and was rightfully angry about his loss.

It's a well known fact that actors who win the Oscar have numerous scripts thrown at them after their big win. I mean come on, everybody wants an Oscar winner in their movie. Hell, even an Oscar nom has options. But what if the Oscar winner doesn't deserve it? What if she can't sing her way through the next big role offered to her?

I personally believe that Jennifer's acting, and sadly her singing as well, are made for the stage, where everything is grandiose. Not on a television screaming about making a change to your eating habits, and most definitely not in a movie where good acting is required.

I like Jennifer, and I am happy that she didn't allow the loss from AI stop her from going for her dreams. However, I feel that if Jennifer is deserving of that Oscar based on acting as well as singing, well, the Oscars might just owe Beyonce one for Cadillac Records.

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