I'm Too Young For This!

10:12 PM

I was sitting in the office at work today, enjoying my break, reading a book on genealogy, and working on tonight's post, and suddenly, it was lights out. I had fallen asleep at the desk. I was face down, and possibly snoring. 

Thirteen minutes later, I jumped up when I heard my name being called by the other manager. She needed me to grab a jacket for her and help her with customers. I stood up slowly, and staggered to the shelf where we keep the merchandise. Once I handed her to jacket, I sat down and noticed that I felt ten times better. Then it hit me, I'm getting old. 

                     No seriously, I have to take naps now 

Just the other night, I was having dinner with friends, and after we'd talked for a few hours, and we'd pushed our plates aside, I pulled my glasses out. The same glasses that I wear at home, at night, when I'm sitting down to read a book or write. I pulled them out at the dinner table, put them on my face, hoping to rest my tired eyes. I hadn't had my nap that day, because I'd gone from work to dinner. 

Anyway, once my glasses were in place, I began to play with the lemon wedge that had fallen in my water, and slowly, I felt my body slumping back into my seat. One of my friends nudged me and whispered. Are you ok? You're tired huh? No, I'm fine, my eyes just hurt. I said out loud. But inside I was screaming HELL YES I'M TIRED! I WANT TO LAY DOWN MY BURDENS, AND NAP FOR A FEW DAYS. 

But I didn't want to ruin dinner for everyone else, because we hadn't seen each other in a while. Then the restaurant turned into a club around ten, and I started looking around and thinking. Where is everybody's clothes? Why is she dancing in here? This is a restaurant for God sake! 


Clearly, I should have kept my old ass at home. But the sad part of it all was, some of the people partying hard, were old enough to be my mother. So while they're shaking a tail feather, I might as well have been clutching my pearls while holding my purse tight against my bosom. Luckily, my friend's mother called her to remind her that they were meeting up that next morning, and going to an art fair, and my friend had to call it a night. Whew! Talk about somebody calling on Jesus, and thanking him for all he had done in the span of ten minutes! 

What I learned from that night was, I can't hit the streets (even if it is just to have dinner with friends) after working an eight hour shift. I just ain't got that kind of energy in me anymore. 

To further prove my point, let me tell you how every Friday and Saturday night, I'm either sitting on my couch or in my room with books and a laptop, tweeting and working. Never mind, we don't need to get into all of that. Let me just say this, if this is me at twenty six, I am mortified at the possibility of what thirty might look like. And forty? Mannnnn listen...

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