If I Am It's Because Of You

11:19 PM

My mother has several siblings, some I'm close to, and others...well not so much. There is one aunt that I'm super close to, and honestly, most of my cousins are also. I became an aunt for the first time at the age of eight, I of course didn't really understand what this meant, all I knew was that people were calling me "aunt Lana". But what did that mean? My niece lived in a different state than me, and I was EIGHT! What were the responsibilities of an aunt? 

I knew what my aunt Linda had done for me, and how great she was, I also knew that there was no way I could do what she had done, she was a grown up, I was a kid. So, I became "aunt Lana" in name only and moved on. Two years went by, and I was an aunt again. I was ready, I mean, I was two years older. I was practically a teenager! I stepped up and became very hands on, babysitting every weekend, even babysitting during the weekdays. Diaper changes, midnight feedings, playtime, and still I got up every morning and went to school. My parents have told me numerous times that they are glad they allowed me to do this, and they even say that this is the reason I didn't become a teen mom. 

My niece Lauren has told me on numerous occasions that I'm a great aunt. If I am, I can only give credit to one person, that's my aunt Linda. For as long as I can remember, she has been there. She lived with my mom, my  brother, and I when we lived in Pennsylvania When she got married and moved out, she was still there. She'd pick me up for Bible study, let me spend the night with her, she was always around. We moved to Los Angeles when I was almost five leaving her behind, but, she still called, and I saw her when we went back home to for holidays.

Here is the thing, if I am a good aunt, it is only because of the example she set. She taught me how to be a good aunt by doing, and not by saying. I can only hope that I am able to pass that down to my nieces.

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