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Do you still love him?

The question was simple, my answer, unsure.

I don't know

Was my whispered answer, instead of a strong, of course not! I hoped they hadn't heard the words that I had  spoken so softly. But alas, they had. Familiar eyes stared in my direction, waiting for my answer. They'd heard this story numerous times, they'd seen the tears that never failed to show up. How was I to tell my friends that the love may never go away?

Of course, I would love to say that I feel absolutely nothing for him. That I don't love him, that I don't like him, that I never want to hear his voice again.

If only it were that simple.

Love, it is an uncontrollable emotion. We know that we should walk away, we know that we should never look back. We know that we shouldn't love this person, yet we still do. It upsets us, we don't want it...not with him. But it feels right and wrong at the same time. If that makes sense at all. Right because, how can love not be beautiful? And wrong because, it's the wrong person, wrong time, or even just the wrong situation.

So do you stay, and try to figure out if this is what you want...if this is who you want? Or, do you move on, and allow the love for this person to settle inside of you, but not be the deciding factor on how you will love the next? What do you do when love, the uncontrollable emotion, is controlling you?

Sometimes...love is a bitch.

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