Dating...Who Has The Time?

10:20 PM

Alana, you have to make time to date!

This was said to me a couple of nights ago at dinner. My friends seem to think that I don't make time for dating, I call bullshit. How am I supposed to make time when there is no time left? 

Let me explain something to you. I work an hour away from home, I usually have to be at work by 1:30pm and I don't get off until 9:30pm. This might not seem so bad to others, but for me, it's torture. My schedule:

11am: Wake up

11:30am: Write

12:00pm: Get dressed

12:30pm: Head to work

1:20pm: Pull into parking structure

1:30pm: Clock in

*an hour lunch in somewhere in here*

9:30pm (sometimes 9:45pm lock up the store)

10:25pm: Arrive home

I do this five, sometimes six times a week. My mornings are nonexistent, and my nights, well, I try to use those for writing. Although, I usually end up falling asleep on top of my computer or papers. And on my day(s) off, I don't even want people talking to me. Twitter, is just about the only time I have any type of communication with humans, I also send the occasional text. So making time to And lets not forget, I'm a college student, so when I start a new semester, fuck everything. This is my life, and right now, I'm ok with it.

However, my friends are not. One of them even tried to talk me into doing online dating, she should know better. I'm not brave enough to go that far. Another problem (besides time) that I have is, I don't always want people (boyfriends included) in my personal space. At this very moment, if I dated, it would have to be a long distance relationship. I'd rather take time off to visit someone than have them be in the same city or state as me. This is the twenty six year old me, things might change later down the road, I'm pretty sure they will. But right now, I'm that girl that answers the question, why are you single, with because I want to be. And it's the truth. 

I love love, and I've been there a time or two. So, I'm not sitting around grumbling fuck love. I just don't plan on making love a priority right now. 

Oh, did I mention that I hate the "getting to know you" part of dating? Forever alone

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