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Conditional Love

5:18 PM

Every mother is different. They aren't all hugs and kisses. Some are I love you and how are you. But Kris Jenner is very, VERY weird to me. She says she loves her kids, and she cries when they hurt her feelings, but she seems completely unaware, when she's hurting her children. Or maybe she doesn't have a f**k to give.

On the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the four Kardashian children and Kris went to a therapist in hopes of fixing the issues that continue to show up in their sometimes explosive relationship. During the therapy session, Dr. X(I don't remember her name) asked Khloe, Rob, and Kourtney if they felt like their mother favored Kim. Although they all said yes, Khloe seemed to be bothered by this the most. 

If you watched the earlier seasons you understand why. Kris had a bad habit of always only calling Khloe when she needed help with something. I mean, she called the girl over to pick up a mattress and move it into the garage. Yet Kris has openly, on more than one occasion called Kim her favorite. She even did it in the most recent episode before their interview with Oprah. And to make matters worse, she said it in front of ALL of her kids, the younger girls included.

Yes, reality shows are scripted. But if this is in fact part of the show that is actual factual, I feel some kind of way. I believe that a lot, if not most mothers have a favorite, but it is up to that mother to make sure that none of her children ever know this. If Kris defends herself by saying that she's just joking, I'm calling bullshit.

We outsiders looking in, can not tell people what they should or shouldn't do. We can however have an opinion. And here is mine:

Kris Jenner puts money before her children. When Kim has to make an appearances, Kris is almost always right there with her. Rob can't even get her to cancel a meeting and help him pick out his first house. Kim is the one bringing in the most money, therefore she  gets the most attention, and she then becomes her mother's favorite. But when do you stop being the manager and start being the mother who cares about hurting her children's feelings? 

Rob cried and all but ran out of the therapy session when his family (more specifically Kim and Kris) hurt his feelings by not listening to him. Khloe then got up followed by Dr. X and went after him, Kourtney cried. Kim and Kris? Sat on the couch and didn't move a muscle, and showed absolutely no real emotion. How can you as a mother watch your only son, and the baby by a man you claim to still love, cry and not at LEAST go check on him? I believe that had that been Kim, she would have been up before anyone else in that room. Kris Jenner's love is conditional, and it's disheartening. Even for those of us watching.

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