Changes: I Don't Like Them

12:29 AM

I don't handle changes well, I like for things to stay the same. But when changes do occur, I need them to be small and simple. You know, the kind of changes you barely notice.

My best friend and I go on what she liked to call "adventures" from time to time. It's a time where we hang out with each other, talk about life, and well, get lost, because neither one of is good with directions. Not too long ago, she said that it was time to go on another "adventure" and that got me to thinking. I sent her a text that said, "one day you will be married, or have kids, and you will be too busy, or I will be too busy to hang out like this." And then I got sad. Sure, we will still go to dinner, or maybe stop being busy long enough to grab a cup of coffee, but it doesn't mean that things will stay the same. 

Life goes on, yes, it's true. But if you really stop and think about the changes that might take place in the future it might make you a little sad also. Friendships change, they end, and people get busy. One day, you might look up and realize that the best friend that's always been there, no longer has the time he or she once had. It's a sad thought, but it's also a sobering thought.

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