Am I A Lesbian?

9:37 PM

I wonder how many of my family members clicked on the link to this post just because of the title. I also wonder how many clicked thinking, maybe even hoping, that I might be coming out. There is no reason for me to "come out" because I am very much so a heterosexual woman. But who cares?! 

While visiting my family recently, I noticed that certain family members thought I might be a lesbian because I've never brought a man home to Illinois to meet them, and because I never talk about dating. I never talk about my checking account, but that doesn't mean I don't have one, I never talk about my writing, but clearly, I write. I'm sure if those people really paid attention, they would realize that I have never shared any aspect of my life with them. Everyone doesn't need to know what I'm doing, or even understand who I am. But, there is someone out there who actually wants to share with those they love who they are, and they can't. Because of closed minded people, they have to tuck who they are away, and be whoever they think they're supposed to be.

It didn't bother me that some of the people in my family believed I was a lesbian. What bothered me, and what bothers me now, is the fact that if I were, they wouldn't accept me or my partner. That tells me that if someone in my family is or were gay, it would be almost impossible for them to be who they are with whomever they love. 

In my family, the Bible is thrown around frequently to try and discredit a person's point. It is used to show you that you  aren't living your life right, because we all know that living your life the way God the Bible says you should live it is the only way, right?

As I write this, I'm unsure of who I am writing this for. My friends who are gay, the child I could possibly have and who might be gay, or I could be writing this for the young girl or boy who sits inside of themselves and wonders if it'll ever be safe to come out and tell their family, "this is me." How can you love someone and not accept them for who they are? How can you love someone and not be aware (or not care) that your opinion hurts them? How can you be so wrong, yet still sit there and tell someone that they are the one that's wrong? I hope that those who are in my family, and those who aren't, never have to share a piece of themselves, and have to deal with being told they are wrong, that who they are is wrong.

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