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Quick Thought: What is the Point of Disappointment

4:42 PM

Disappointment is soul crushing. The fact that your life did not turn out exactly the way you planned, and is constantly moving in the opposite direction of where you want it to go, is certainly discouraging. It makes you wonder what you did wrong, what you could have done differently, and why if you are such a good person (as you believe you are) are you being punished? I mean, what exactly are you supposed to learn from numerous disappointments? I get it, they make you stronger. But if they are constant, and there is nothing to celebrate in between, they can also make you feel defeated. I understand that disappointment is supposed to make you work harder and make you appreciate what you do have. But if I already appreciate what I have, and acknowledge that my life isn't as bad as others, what else is this disappointment supposed to teach me? What is the point of disappointment?

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