This Needs To Be Said...

10:28 PM

For the past couple of weeks, I've been seeing A LOT of complaints about  status updates.

My God! I am so tired of these sad ass updates. Nobody cares!

I don't care what you ate today! Do you have t talk about it everyday?!

I wrote about this a couple of years ago, before I really understood what others might be going through. The reality is, those who are happy in their lives, or are dealing with whatever is bothering them, have a hard time accepting that those around them don't handle things the way they might. You have a right to your opinion, but must you be so damn rude?

I get it, you're tired of people using their Facebook the way they choose to use it. Fine. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe they're also tired of seeing your status updates about their status updates? No? Maybe you should. There are no real rules to Facebook. In the beginning (when I joined) it was for college students only. It then turned into this other thing where you create a space and do with it as you please. Why are people policing other people's moves?

With people all up in arms about others expressing themselves, I got to thinking about Twitter. Over there, we always say, if you don't like what someone tweets, unfollow them. Well, the same rings true for Facebook. If you don't like someone's updates, unfriend them. And if by chance you want to stay friends with them because you're nosy or maybe because you actually care about them, there is a way to stop people's statuses from showing up on your timeline. I know, because I'm using it as we speak (yes, I too get tired of certain statuses.) But, you can't stop people from feeling, you can't ask them to stop sharing, but you can limit what you see and how often you see it.

The reason these people bother some of you so much is because you see them updating with the same problems day in and day out, but what's funny is, now you (yes you) guys who are complaining about those people complaining, are doing the EXACT same thing. So now your argument is null and void.

Pot meet kettle

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