Quick Thought: Just My Type

4:34 PM

I've always had a type. I knew the type of guy I would and wouldn't date. There was always this guy in my head that I would end up with. Then one day, I fell for this guy who was everything I NEVER wanted. This got me to thinking:

It's funny how you can know exactly what you want, and then something different catches your eye, and you realize, that what you wanted yesterday, you no longer desire today. This isn't about age, or your likes or dislikes changing. The love you want, and the love that makes you melt, are two totally different things. The love you want, is usually temporary, the love that makes you melt, will most likely last forever. And if they are one and the same, well, you should certainly count yourself lucky. I guess what those of us who have a "type" need to realize is, you don't get to paint the perfect picture, love does.

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