"I Was Not Built To Break"

10:28 AM

I didn't cry when Michael Jackson died. I was sad, but I didn't cry, but with Whitney's death I can't seem to stop. I haven't been able to wrap my mind around why. I grew up listening to both, dancing to both, singing along with both of them, but Whitney's death just seems so much more tragic to me. She looked healthy just the other day, smiling, and acting only the way Whitney can (could) and I was hopeful that she was going to come back and be happy, and get to live her life, and be a grandmother, and guide her daughter who has gone through more than any child should ever have to. I was hopeful that we would hear her sing again, and we'd get to say, Whitney is back. But we won't and we can't and that makes me sad. 

Today on Twitter, XD said, Whitney Houston was my Michael Jackson. I get that, maybe more than most do. I get it, God do I get it, and it makes me sad. I laid in my bed last night and cried. I cried for Cissy, I cried for Bobbi Kristina, I cried for people like me who grew up singing along with Whitney, and dancing around their rooms and the house while cleaning. I cried because I refuse to believe that she was done. I cry because she's gone...

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