Oprah's Life Class, Forgiveness, Will It Ever Happen?

10:17 PM

For the past couple of weeks, I've been taking Oprah's Life Class. Recently, I took a step back and stopped "attending" the class because of a lesson she taught on forgiveness. Anyone who reads my blog, knows that I've written about Forgiveness numerous times. I've struggled with the act of forgiveness for years now. It's just not that easy for me. Especially when the person I'm trying to forgive is someone extremely close to me.

In the Life Class Oprah explains that the reason so many people can't and don't forgive is because of the Ego, this has been stated by Eckhart Tolle also. It's said that in order to move on, you must forgive, and holding on to the grudge is only hurting you. This is something we all know right? Right. But the problem is not getting to the root of your anger, and that is what she is helping everyone involved in the class do. She had a professional ask questions that we have to answer in our Life Workbook that further explores the topics discussed. This may all seem very simple to someone who doesn't participate, but it's anything but simple. The first time I logged in and started answering the questions, I found that I was being asked things that I never thought to ask myself. Also, I found that I was shocked by some of my answers. My anger and resentment for certain people was through the roof. Honestly, I thought that I had let all of this go, when in actuality, I had just started ignoring the issue.

I understand that while you sit around angry at someone, they're living their life, but to me, it really isn't about  them. I don't care how they are living, I care about myself not being able to forgive someone that I trusted. And my not forgiving people, plays a large part in my not trusting people. If this person could hurt me, and I am still hurting, why should I believe this person I don't even know won't do the same? This is something I'm working on, and I will one day figure it out, but right now, every time I try to forgive, something inside of me says, are you really ready to risk it again?  And the answer is always the same, no...no I'm not.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to just let everything go, and walk away with no ill feelings towards anybody, and when that day comes, I'll never write about forgiveness again. Because I won't have to.

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