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8:24 AM

Growing up in a world where celebs were a mystery was one of the best things I could have experienced.

I just watched Bey's performance from the VMAs for like the tenth time and then I watched Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and I couldn't help but ask, "why is this happening?" Why do I know that she just went to the bathroom? Why do I know that her stupid ass wore earrings that cost 75k in the fucking ocean and lost one. Why do I know these things? Yet, I only know a small portion about Beyonce. Then I looked at Twitter and just...shook my head. 

The fact that I can follow celebrities that I like and get to see who they really are sort of bothers me, which is why I stopped following them Over the past two years I've learned a lot about different celebrities that I would have rather not known.

Who knew Tyres couldn't spell? Who knew he painted and that the painting didn't make sense? Who knew he doesn't understand sentence structure? I didn't, and I would rather have never known any of this. I was fine thinking of Tyrese sitting in the back of the bus singing about Coca Cola, and singing Sweet Lady to...whoever was in that video(Maia Campbell I believe). But no, Twitter hit me with reality. I'd have never known that Mary J Blige can't really spell either, and probably has no damn idea what the 411 is at all. I would have liked to have never seen a Twitter rant from a celebrity that I thought was amazing at one time in my young life, only to find out that they have a temper, or that they're just ignorant and/or stupid.

I'd like to go back to the days where celebrities were silent, and the only things we knew about them were the things they told us, or the things magazines told us that could only be confirmed by them. I miss the mystery. When did social networks, and reality TV become our reality?

Beyonce is one of the few artist that keeps it old school. She doesn't talk about her life, hell, we have yet to see a picture of her wedding. Her life with Jay-Z has been pretty top secret, and while some are bothered by this, I'm ok with it. I like that I don't know what's going on in Beyonce's head. I fear that if she were on Twitter, I wouldn't like her very much, her appeal wouldn't be all that appealing. Because let's be real, you want what you can't have, and you will always want it. So while Kim Kardashian other celebrities continue to share every aspect of their lives, I'm hoping that they realize that they are living on borrowed time. If you tell is everything at once, sooner rather than later, you will have nothing else to tell. Or we'll just stop giving a damn

This might not seem all that realistic to some, but I'd like to go back to a time where celebrities were quiet, reality shows consisted of Making the Video, FaNatic, True Life, and The Real World (shout out to MTV). I need that simplicity in my life, which is why I unfollowed the celebrities on Twitter. I want to hold on to my perception of them, especially the ones I grew up watching, listening to, and at one point aspired to be like. 

We only know what celebrities want us to know, so the question is, why do they want us to know so damn much? Is it greed? The thought that you can never have too much money, so why not make more now? I'd say yes. Which is why I respect Bey and Jay for keeping things to themselves. The older Beyonce gets, the more comfortable she's becoming when it comes to talking about her relationship with Jay-Z, but yet and still, she never tells too much, just enough to get us out of her business. That's rare with other people, but I wish more public figures used the same restraint. Sure, we all fall into the media trap of wanting to know what's going on, if not, KUWTK wouldn't still be on the air, Walter wouldn't be Moonwalking on Toya's show, and there would be no Teen Mom. But if this luxury(for lack of a better word) was taken away, I wouldn't cry over it. 

And in other relevant but no so relevant news: I hate Kim K's husband, he's a bit of an ass. I shouldn't even be able to draw that conclusion, but alas, I can, and I have. *sigh*

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