Remaking Movies...STOP THAT!

3:46 AM

I just read this article about the remake of Sparkle. You heard me the first time, SPARKLE! My reaction was WTF?! You have got to be kidding me? Where is Ashton with the cameras, I'm being Punk'D. But I'm not being Punk'D and it's not a joke, they really are remaking Sparkle. *wall-slide* © Luvvie

Sparkle is one of those movies that I consider a classic, the acting wasn't amazing, but the movie was, and I appreciate that. I don't want anybody to touch it. I want people to leave things alone. We won't even talk about the movie being remade by the person who is producing The Game, and we know what that show is looking like right now. Are people out of material? Is there a reason they are remaking movies that are perfectly fine the way they are? Why is this happening? Tyler Perry touched For Colored Girls and I'm still mad at him, Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka wanted to remake Juice and I swear I want to push their asses off that building like Q did Bishop. What's next, Boyz N the Hood? They better not touch that movie. >_>

So, Whitney Houston is supposed to play Sparkle, Sister, and the other sister's mother. Why? Lettie (I'll always think of her as Lettie from A Different World) had that sweet innocent voice, Whitney has the voice of a crack h...just...why? Sparkle is going to be played by Jordan Sparks. COME ON! And Mike Epps is going to play a comedian who gets Sister hooked on drugs. Let's stop right here...now correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't the man who got Sister hooked on drugs a drug dealer? Now we're going to turn him into a freaking comedian? Really? REALLY?! Who are they going to get to play Sister? Who I ask! Nobody will ever deliver, Sister can't fly on one wing, like  Lonette McKee. Who is going to play Stix? They better not pick Michael Ealy just because he has pretty eyes like Philip Michael Thomas...they are going to pick him watch. *cries* Lord, who is going to play Levi? WHO?

I know, this cast is better than the one they almost picked when the decision to remake this movie was first brought to the table, *they were going to cast Ashanti damnit...A-shan-ti* but still, why are they even touching this perfectly flawed movie? I know it's hard to remake a movie that's set in the 50s and was made in the 70s and make it fit in 2011 without changing it, but that is even more proof that this shouldn't be happening. This isn't like music, where you use a beat from an old song and write your own lyrics, you can't do that with a movie. If you can't find your creative side and write something original then just stop touching and breaking things. STOP! Just leave Sparkle along, I beg of you. And if they even try to remake Purple Rain...

*If you've never seen Sparkle, get into it*

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