Pucker Up

2:37 AM

Most of us start with nothing. We go to school, work regular jobs, and then we work towards establishing a career. And if you were/are the average college student, you're trying to pay off student loans while building this career you went to college to obtain. And then there are those who forgo college and decide to build their empire from scratch, and use good old fashion know how. The one thing these two very different people have in common? The people who expect them to kiss their ass to help them get there a littler faster.

I don't do the ass kissing thing well...I don't do that shit at all actually. This is one of the problems I'm having at work right now, and it's a problem I gladly welcome. One of my favorite bloggers Miss Jia said this tonight: Why go through life kissing ass when you can blaze your own trails? Fuck that ass kissing stuff. Some people NEED their toes stomped out. And I agree. Why sacrifice who you are, and what you believe in to satisfy someone else, and in the end be unhappy? You don't have to suck up to people or kiss their ass to make it in the world. You might not get there as fast if you take the alternate road (doing it on your own) but at least when you get there, you can say, I did it myself, and I don't owe anybody anything. Not to mention when you hold your head up, it'll be a lot easier because you won't be bogged down with the memory of whose ass you had to kiss along the way, and you won't have to think about the values that you seem to have forgotten when you were trying to make it.

This isn't to say that you shouldn't make connections, build great relationships with those who are willing to help you or meet you in the middle. However, don't pucker up for anyone just to be able to say you made it. 

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