School Daze

5:10 AM

When I think back to my best school days, the best times are between 5th and 8th grade. It was the most pure and simple time in my life. There was no pressure, no real expectations, no love lost, no tears. It was simplicity at best.

Friendships were as simple as, "do you want to be my friend?" followed by, "yes, we'll be friends forever." The fights were over by the time the bell rang and we all headed for the gate that separated us from the path that would lead us home. Stops at the local store up the street from the school to grab something to snack on with the friends who you figured would always be around. Those slow walks home, laughing and talking.  Friends dropping off one by one until there was only one left, and realizing that you couldn't wait to do it again the next day.

Sitting on the phone, talking about who liked who, and who liked you. Picking out the clothes that we were going to wear the next day. Starting those relationships that we associated with the hottest love song out. And then breaking up at lunch and later playing the hot break up song repeatedly and dedicating it to that person. Heartbreak was hard back then because we had no idea what we'd be dealing with as adults.

Then graduation rolled around, high school freshmen we would become, no more would we be the older kids. Starting over, some of us together, some of us alone in a new place, with new people, new friends, connection broken, but the bond was still there. Tears, sad good-byes, but no sadness, fear, but not crippling, excitement, and wonder of what was next.

I look at what we've all become, and not ONE of us is who I thought we'd be. Adults we are. Different people,different friends, babies no more, real babies in the strollers that some of us are pushing, real love, real heartbreak. If there was one time in my life that I could revisit, it would be those simpler times, when I laughed more than I cried, when it was pure and simplistic. I'd go back to those school daze.

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