MySpace, Facebook, Twitter...What's Next?

7:30 PM

I've been in the social networking space since 2005. It was Myspace first, a place where I was just happy to connect with people from my past that I hadn't seen in years. The people I never thought would be a part of my future. Then it was Facebook, when I signed up from Facebook, I just let it sit there, had no idea what I was supposed to do with this space I had created. I didn't play the games, talk to anyone I had accepted as a friend, it was just there. I stayed on MySpace for another year, until kids jumped on and I decided that I needed to be around grown ups in the social networking world.

So I went to Facebook and started filling in the blanks on my profile, talking to people, connecting with old friends and associates, I got to know these people all over again. I also ended friendships that I forgot to end when I was younger. Said abrupt good-byes to people who weren't physically in my life, but were always there. It needed to happen. I needed these people to know that I was done, and that they should be also. Needed to say good-bye, close the door, and lock it. And I did. Then I signed up for Twitter in 2009, and I let it sit there. Didn't understand where I was supposed to start, why this space even existed. So I stayed on Facebook, until the family members started showing up therefore forcing me to filter what I had to say. I would receive comments like, I am telling you said damn! Why did you say that? I don't agree! You always... It got to the point where I couldn't be myself, I started being who others thought I was, thought I should be. I wasn't being my authentic self. (Did Oprah say that? Or was it Dr. Phil? Or maybe...same difference)

I then logged into Twitter, learned the ins and outs of that not so complicated, complicated place that I had created a while back. It was an experience. I followed and unfollowed for a while until I got to place where I was happy with who was showing up on my timeline. I've met some of the most AMAZING people who I probably would have never met had it not been for Twitter. There was writer/poet Bassey Ikpi, a wonderful person who I'm in constant contact with. She has shown me how to open up yet stay closed off all at the same time. I've learned that it's ok to be who I am, and those who accept it are great, and to tell the ones who can't or don't go to hell. Then there is bestselling author Aliya S. King she has helped me find my writing voice. Whenever I've felt like I just couldn't do it, I'd send a HELP! Tweet her way, and she'd appear with wisdom and advice on how to keep going. She's working on her next book (which I'm sure will be a bestseller also) so she's not really around as much. However, when I send a message because she is needed, she appears. I once told her, that it might take her a few days to respond, but she always responds, she is always there. I've met great bloggers, and just all around wonderful, funny people. I'm thankful for Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, for everything that is has provided, which for me is, a thicker skin, knowledge, and a few other things. 

In choosing to join the social networking world years ago, I've gained so much, let go of even more, and I can't wait to see what's next. Google + anyone?

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