I'm Gay I Know You Love Me...But Will You Accept Me?

8:20 PM

I expect that most expecting parents worry about their unborn child's health, what growing up in this uncertain world will do to them. And if they end up raising a black man, if he will make it to age 21. I also know that the subject of a kid being gay is a touchy subject for some. Most parents give it no thought, while others state that they will accept their child just the way they are or, they will love them, but will not accept their lifestyle. You can't truly accept your child if you're only accepting half of them.

Most of us seek the acceptance of our parents. We want them to accept the things that we do and be proud of us no matter what. And we want them to say this because it's not always felt.

Accepting someone you know lifestyle and accepting your child's is different, I know. But in all honesty, it should be easier. This is the person that you created, the one that you promised to love forever, take care of, and help whenever they need it. There was never a part in there that said, "unless you're gay". You're supposed to protect them from hurt, but how do you do that if you are the one hurting them? I know some people may think it's easy for me to say because I don't have any kids, but I know for a fact that if I did have a kid, and he or she came to me and said, "mom, I'm gay" my only concern would be that he or she is healthy, and it would be the same concern if they were straight. And my only question would be, "does this mean, I don't get any grandchildren?" Listen, I raised you, the least you can do is adopt or something.

It saddens me that so many people stay quiet about who they are, (damn staying in the closest, I hate that. What closet are we speaking of?) to appease those around them. That sadness and loneliness has got to be hard to handle. Because if you find that you're hiding who you are because of what those around you think you should be, you have to know that you'll never be happy.

We've all loved differently, whether it be males loving males, females loving females, different races loving different races, or people loving people with different religious beliefs than theirs. But the one thing that doesn't change is the love. It's the same, it feels the same there is no difference. So why treat those you love and those you don't know any different?

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