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Discretion Is Always Advised

8:16 PM

I understand being so in love that you feel like everyone should know just how happy you are, but I really wish people understood that: sharing your relationship in the social networking world is a BIG no no. 

Lets us look at Christina & Laith a great example of sharing too much. This couple recently broke up and sent all of Twitter in a state of depressions (well the dramatic people anyway). People started saying they didn't believe in love anymore since these two didn't make it. They met on Tumblr, and connected, it was chronicled on Tumblr, and Twitter. They stayed together for about six months and recently broke up. The video that I posted (click their names) ended up on Word Star Hip-Hop the moment the news of their separation broke. I thought it was a beautiful story and hadn't heard of these two until after the relationship was over. But apparently others had. You would have thought they were Will and Jada the way people were falling out. Men and women both went to her Facebook page and posted things like, why? Please say this isn't true! You guys didn't really break up did  you? I don't even believe in love anymore. And I sat at my computer reading the comments on Facebook and the tweets like this O_O

They eventually got a little frustrated with all of the questions, and had to let everyone know that they were ok with the break up, and it just didn't work out, but they were still friends. He even went on to say that he felt blessed to have had the chance to experience that kind of love. But then I came back to reality and I had to ask myself, why do people do shit like this? Why do they place people in their business in this way? It is one thing to share these things with friends and family, but it is something totally different to share it with people you talk to everyday but know nothing about. I think that Twitter gives some people a false sense of security. They feel like the people that they talk to get them, but they don't really know them, so what's the harm in sharing personal info. I get that, I share things on my blog, but nothing that could come back and be thrown in my face, or have me questioned by people I hardly even know. When I get personal, I never mention names, or link that person, and this is precisely why I don't do it.

This was a conversation that came up on Twitter. And while we all agreed that sharing personal info about your relationship is your business, we also agreed that, it is extremely uncomfortable for those involved. When you share things like what's going on in your relationship, people begin to feel like they know you, therefore they become just as invested in your relationship as you are. And when it ends, it ends for everyone. Not to mention, if you are tweeting your better half, about how much you love them, and then within the span of a day or two you're talking about being single, and tweeting, fuck him/her. The people you've pulled into this are now uncomfortable. I wish I could tell you how many times I've seen someone update their Facebook status to Married, or Dating *insert name here* only to have that person never change their status or even claim them for that matter. Instead they are talking about bitches and hoes, and hitting he street to do hoodrat things. Do you know how uncomfortable that is for all involved? 

I'll just say this: discretion is ALWAYS advised. People can only be in your business if you put them there.

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