Another Day Another Ignorant Person

10:55 PM

I've been working in the retail industry since I was nineteen (I think). I've seen a lot, dealt with a lot, yet I can't ever remember losing my composure when dealing with a customer. Well, things changed yesterday while I was at work. 

My job has this wonderful (terrible) coupon that they give out all of the time. For every fifty dollars you spend, you get twenty five dollars to spend at a certain time. You must spend fifty to get twenty five off of your purchase. It's time to use these things, and everyone has a question about how to use them. These aren't the people that are getting on my nerves, it's the ones who ask nothing and think they know everything.

A woman walked in and purchased just enough to use this thing. But then after shopping around the mall for a minute, she decided that she didn't want one of the items anymore. She'd found something she liked better at Macys, and that's totally fine. We did the return, and here is what happened.

Her:  Why are you only giving me $14

The associate looks to me for help

Me: Because that's what you paid.

Her:  No, I paid *holds up the tags* this price.

Me: No, the coupon took a certain amount off of each item, so no, you didn't pay that price.

Her: Oh ok, so why don't I just return everything and then buy the two items I want, so that I can get my twenty five dollars off.

Me: You got your twenty five dollars off.

Her: No, I didn't. Technically, I'm losing money. Do you see what I mean? I can do the math in my head.

Me: No, you're not, and no I don't. Ok?

Her: Fiscally, it makes more sense because I am losing money. I mean economically it doesn't make sense.

At this point, I'm thinking, "this bitch doesn't think I know words." Because there were a few ways she could have said all of that. Those two words were not needed. So at this point, I'm angry, because I can't stand for people to try me this way, especially when I didn't make the rules. 

I tried explaining to her that she'd still have to buy something else in order to use the twenty five dollars because 60-14= what kids? Answer: 46. Not 50, which is what she'd need to get the twenty five off. The associate had already sent the return through, and there wasn't much I could do about that. I turned to her and said:

Me: I'll show you what I mean. Please sign for that return you just did, and come over to my register.

Her: You know what? Never mind. *grabs her purchase* I don't want to return the other items. 

Me: You sure?

Her: Yes, I have two degrees, and I live in Beverly Hills.

And then she storms out.

Listen, I'm pretty damn calm. I don't say much, I'm usually the one that tells everyone else to go to the back and take a breather when a customer gets to them. This confrontation really got to me, I was shaking by the time she left. The problem is, I don't know how to not say what's on my mind, but I don't have that luxury with the company I currently work for. Their motto really is, the customer is always right. Had I said something or led her into an argument, it would have come back to bite me in the ass.

But I will say that this, is why I can't wait to get out of retail, or at least get out of retail where I'm no longer working with privileged people who think the sun rises and sets on their ass. How dare you walk into a store and completely disregard the feelings of the people who are there to help you, and answer your questions? How dare you think that you are more than the next person? Some of the most ignorant, stupid, ill-mannered people have degrees. And if your only come back in a small disagreement is, "I live in Beverly Hill," just know that you are losing big time.

And we won't even get on the fact that I called my assistant manager over when I felt like I was about to lose my cool, and he did nothing. And we won't talk about the fact that when the woman left, he wanted to talk about how wrong she was. AND we won't talk about the look I gave him. No, we won't talk about any of that, but I will be talking to my manager about his actions, or lack thereof. 

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