Sleepless Nights & Restless Morning

8:06 PM

Racing heart, mind spinning, tears undefined and sad. This is my sleepless night restless morning. I don’t get it, not sure if I’m supposed to. But I want to. Want to understand this feeling that I can’t shake, can’t settle into, won’t allow to be a part of me, don’t understand. It’s one of those nights where someone is on your mind, and you can’t shake them. Can’t push them away, because they just push back. Can’t tell them to go away, because they aren’t there. Can’t cry away, because they aren’t worth your tears. But they are the cause of your sleepless nights and restless mornings. I need the calm that is fighting to break through, but failing. The calm that comes with work but that I’m too tired to fight for. I need silence. I need sleep. I need, peace. I want calm.

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