I Am An Adult...

2:36 PM

Please address me as such.

Lately I’ve been getting approached by men (and I use that term loosely) a lot. And it is down right annoying. Here are a few things I’ve been hearing:

You got a man?
Can I be yo man?
Can I get your number?
Yo! Can I holla at you for a minute

To that last one I replied, “you just did.” And walked to my car hoping and praying the whole way that I wouldn’t fall in front of the guy I had just shaded. Because that would have been embarrassing. And I probably would have just laid there in the embarrassment. Anyway, today’s guy took the freaking cake!

Picture it: I’m sitting at a stop sign waiting for cars to go by so that I can make a right turn and get to the gas station. Because of course I was on empty. So, I’m sitting there, and this big green SUV pulls up, blocking my view of all of the cars. I move up, and then I hear, can I get your number? He was so original *rolls eyes* I decide that ignoring him is the best thing because he’ll go away. That didn’t happen. Dude then pulls up and blocks my view of oncoming cars AGAIN! I turned to him and said, you’re blocking my view of the cars, I can’t see. He then says, you still sexy though. Wait…WHAT?! But what took the cake, was when he mentioned his daughter. What does she have to do with your ignorance? What? I ask. So this fool turns at the same time as me, in the same direction, almost causing me to hit him. That is not how you get my number!

Listen, at some point you have to stop approaching women like some teenage boy getting at a teenage girl. Figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t work…stop using it. It’s not cute, and I am personally not flattered at all.
To be quite honest, I was never flattered when a guy approached me in that way. Even as a young girl, I rolled my eyes when some guy walked up to me with those weak lines. So as an adult, I’m certainly not going to settle for it. What happened to excuse me, hello, how are you? What happened to at least acting like you care? Showing that you respect a woman, and the time that she is taking out of her day to talk to you? Because truth be told, she really doesn’t have to.

This isn’t to all men. Because all men aren’t like this. But there are enough out there, and I know because they are all approaching me. This is a problem for me. Some people say I’m too hard on the men that approach me. Because of my expectations to be treated like the grown woman I am? If that’s the case, then I’ll take that, I’ll continue to be hard on the men that continue to step to me half assing it in the process. And if they want different results, they’ll need to use a different approach. Otherwise, let me live my life and you continue to live yours, respectfully.

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