Quick Thought: Trust...

2:36 PM

An easy word. Easy to spell, easy to say, yet hard to do. Well, for me at least. I've been thinking about the word trust all day, non-stop. And it's nagging at me. I don't trust easily. When I meet someone for the first time, there is no trust. Trust is something that is built, not something that is just there. I feel like that is where some people go wrong, they trust everyone when they first meet them, and then the trust begins to dwindle, and the person is wondering how they got here. Where did the trust go? Why did they betray you? Why does it hurt so much? The answer is easy: when you don't make someone earn trust, they don't value it. It's not something that they worked for, it was given to them so why should they cherish it?

                                  Trust is like money

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