Working Girl: Raises and Promotions

12:52 AM

After I mentioned that I turned down something that was offered to me today, people started asking me what I turned down, and when they heard that it was a promotion...well everybody wanted to know how and why I'd turn down the opportunity to move up in the company that I work for, and why I turned down the possibility of making more money. The answer is pretty simple: my happiness is priceless. I guess I should start from the beginning.

Two months ago I was written up for something that wasn't my fault, I signed the write up but not before going off in the comments section of the write up. Let's back up a minute. At my job, we have secret shoppers. They come into our store to make sure that we are following standard procedures in the store and are treating our customers with the respect that a lot of them don't deserve. The most points we can get is one hundred, and we are not allowed to get anything under an eighty-five, or else...we get written up. I mean, you can't even get an eighty-four or else you will be written up. Anyway, I was shopped in February and I got the news on my day off that I had received a five. Shocked does not even begin to explain what I was feeling, I was also wondering what happened, because a five is just not right, it couldn't be right. So I waited for my manager to talk to me.

The talk never happened, but I'd gotten the news that I was being written up for the five. I wanted to know why! What had I done to deserve a five, none of this made sense. A month later I got my write up and I was finally able to see why I'd gotten a five. Come to find out, it wasn't my fault. I got a five because I was in the store by myself, with a long line, and I didn't greet the secret shopper. She stated in the rating that there was no way for me to help her because I was stuck at the register ringing and I was by myself in the store, trying to answer everybody's questions by myself. So why did I get written up for something that I couldn't control you ask? Yeah, I'm still asking that myself, but according to my manager I need to let it go because the following month I got a one hundred. My job has a rule, three write ups and you're fired. So if I have this issue again (two more times to be exact) I'm fired. Even though it wasn't my fault. Oh...ok. And can we talk about the fact that they were talking about deducting money from my raise because of that? I don't want to talk about it.

Cut to today, it's review time! My manager pulls me to the back and she's like, "Alana, you're doing a really great job. *insert assistant manager's name here* is going to go to another store become a manager and someone has to step into his position. I wanted to know if that's something you want." I did not blink or give it a second thought when I said, "no."

Now at this point, her neck snaps back and all she can do is blink. Finally, she lifts an eyebrow and asks, "no? Well why not?" I went on to tell her how I don't appreciate the bullshit that the company puts us through, how I don't agree with their politics, and I then told her that I'm looking for another job because staying there wasn't an option. She goes into this long ass story about everything that had nothing to do with me, and then she goes into, "I don't expect you to know what you want, you're still young, you have time." So by now I'm thinking, THIS IS NOT MY CAREER! I'm in school and the degree I'm going for has nothing to do with retail. I respect people who make a career out of retail because it is a tough industry to stay in and I always say, only the strong survive in retail. And although I'm strong, I find myself weakening everyday that I continue to work for this company. My manager went on and on and in the end she basically let me know that she's not giving up on me taking the position but I say she should give up because I certainly have.

This all brings me back to a conversation I was having with a few people on Twitter around two months ago. For the most part we all agreed that being happy at our jobs was more important than the amount of money we make at any company. A lot of people are driven by money, I'm not one of those people. My happiness is so much more important to me than the money I might make at a place where I am miserable. I worked for two years at my last job without a raise and I stayed, not because I had to but because as much as I disliked some of the things that went on in that company, I loved my job. I can't say the same thing about my current job. Call me crazy for accepting less money and more happiness, but I'll take that. I choose happiness over money any day, because you have to look at it like this: if you continue working at a place that's driving you to depression, eating, not eating, crying, driving you to an unhealthy lifestyle you have to know that one day you will die from all of that stress. Sure, you'll die with money in your bank account, but it's money you'll never really get to enjoy. I don't want that.

Now I'm going to go and do my homework so that I can get started on my career and leave this retail BS behind for good.

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