Ramble & Thoughts: Friendship and Changes

11:35 PM

With each passing day I learn a little more about myself. I see myself changing. Some of the changes I like, others not so much. But that's ok, because I am a work in progress. I'm still trying to figure out this crazy thing called life, this weird and sometimes uncomfortable emotion called love, and this unpredictable, and sometimes peculiar relationship I have with people called friendship. Some are ending, some are just beginning, and some are growing stronger with each passing day. I'm also learning that if you continue to grow and your friendships don't, they will most likely fail. And then there is that possibility that if it continues to grow with you, that friendship will grow apart from you. When I thought about this earlier today, I was little sad. I mean, who really wants to grow apart from their friends? But then I started thinking about clutter, and friendships. Sometimes certain friendships become clutter. Become unnecessary and are just there, taking up space in your life, crowding you. But when you get tired of having to go around them to avoid hurting yourself, or bumping into them when you're trying to keep moving and you realize that they are slowing you down, or holding you back because they aren't moving with you, you'll then realize that that friendship wasn't meant to be.

          "A friendship that can end never really began"~Unknown

Ok, I'm starting to ramble which means I'm tired. My point is: take a good look around you, and make sure that everything (person) that's there is supposed to be. Otherwise, get to cleaning.

I'm obviously tired.

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