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12:32 AM

The need to do this intensified when I started watching Who Do You Think You Are? <---That's a really good question
I made the decision to start filling my family tree a few years ago when I found out that my dad's father's last name was not the name that you'd find on his birth certificate, that he left home at like the age of fourteen, had a sister who died when she was very young, and that his father use to be a gangster who was killed for only God knows what. All of this stuff is so interesting to me. I'd like to know the history of my great grandfather and my grandfather because both of my parents' fathers were gone by the time I was born and old enough to understand what family was. Also, I made the decision when I was told that my mother's grandmother (on her father's side) was white, and something else, and that her father was black, white, and Indian. I'm certain I'll find out that someone down the line was a slave, and as my cousin pointed out tonight, I'd like to know if the slave owner might have changed their last names. I want to know that story.

I'm fascinated by the Indian part because for years I've grown up listening to little black girls saying that they were black and Indian knowing good and well they had no idea what ethnicity was in their family. I use to look at my momma and wonder why her skin was so different from her sisters, I knew that there was a story behind her beautiful medium brown skin with a hint of red, but she never wanted to talk about it. She doesn't embrace the fact that because her father was more than just an African American man that means she is much more also, and so are her sisters. I'm not one of those people who believes that if one of your parents is African American and the other is of another race then the African American side automatically cancels out the other parent's race.

Yes, when people see you, they might only see a black woman or a black man, but knowing who you are and what or where you come from has got to be freeing, it has to feel amazing. Not knowing, leaves you with a bunch of questions, because to know who you are, you must know where you came from. I can't wait for the journey to begin, and finally get my questions answered. Hmmm, maybe I'll start a blog just for that and keep you guys updated. We will see.

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