Free To Keep Going

3:41 PM

The freedom that you never thought you'd get from the person that had a hold on your heart is a tiny bit liberating when it finally comes. I've been dealing with this for almost two years and for the first time in those two years I can honestly say that I've let it all go. This wasn't the case a few months ago. I couldn't seem to figure out why I couldn't just let it go and keep it moving. The problem: I was rushing it. I wasn't ready to let go but I wanted to let go. Make sense? Ok, good.

If you've gone through this or are going through this you understand what I'm saying. You understand that feeling. Unfortunately, when you're going through this, every person that comes after him or her pays for their mistakes. You compare them to the last, you don't give them the chance to prove that they are different, that they'll never hurt you like the last one did, that they can love you because maybe, just maybe they are the one and the other person was just a place holder.  A person to pass the time with until the person meant for you came along.

But of course we don't think like this when we're going through the motions. It seems like no one is right for us, no man or woman is good enough, and we feel like there is no perfect one for us. Because that perfection was supposed to be the last one but wasn't.

                                         Don't attempt to carry your past 
                           into a future where it doesn't belong 

I believe that there is someone for everyone, but I also believe that we don't always meet that person and sometimes when we do, it's at the wrong time and we might possibly send them away. It's the right person coming into our lives at the wrong time. That thought is of course a little sad, but it's my reality, my truth, and I've accepted it. So the question is, when will the right person come at the right time? <----don't answer that, you don't have the answer and neither do I.

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