Valentines Day...It's Not So Bad Being Single

9:35 PM

I didn't always feel this way. I can remember a time when I was like, I hate valentines days! What's so special about it? Ugh! And I'm sure some people equated this to me being single and bitter, but it was about age. And I hated that there was a day set aside for anyone to be treated extra special. I'm sorry, call me crazy but, I want to be in a relationship where I feel special everyday. I want to feel so special that when Valentine's Day does roll around, it's just another special day. People can say what they want, but this is really how I feel. I will never understand the people who get all bitter and depressed about not having anyone in their lives to call their own. Why not be your own valentine? Love yourself the way you want someone else to love you, be secure with your status. Why not just, be?

I can understand that this may be hard for some, it really does take time and work to become comfortable with being with no one but yourself. But it's doable. So single ladies (because we are really the ones with these sad ass tweets and FB status updates) be your own valentine this year, who knows, you just might have a special someone next year. But if not, realize that you are special, and stop raining on everybody else's parade. 

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