Letter To My Dream

12:57 PM

Dear …

You’ve been mine from the day that I knew that dreams were even possible. Knew that were real. That I could have you if I worked hard enough. You were a singer when I was eight, an actress when I was ten, a college graduate when I was fourteen, a writer when I was sixteen, a good person that people could depend on at every stage of my life. You are my dreams.

I strive for you everyday, fight for you when I write, when I do my homework. You’ve changed so much over the years that I don’t even recognize you anymore. You are everything I want, yet wonder if I’ll ever have. The beauty and the essence of you is sometimes overwhelming. When I notice that I am one step closer to you, I then realize that I have so much more work to do before I can have you completely. My definition of you differs from other people’s.

To me you are everything I’ve ever wanted. You are, the words that I write everyday, you are every class that I pass, you are…every accomplishment that I’ve ever had or will have. I’m never sorry that I have to fight for you and that you are not just given to me with ease. It makes you that much more  special. This journey to get to you has been amazing, and scary, and fun, and…I can’t wait to see what you become next.

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