If At First You Do Succeed...Try, Try, Try Again...

12:08 AM

to fuck your career up when it's just barely hanging on

I'm convinced that this is Lil Kim's moto. It is the only thing that could possibly explain why she continues to try and try again to sabotage her career. She can't continue to go after Nicki and think that this is helping her. Kim is fighting herself because Nicki is clearly not giving her the time of day. Why I ask, would anyone continue to go after someone who isn't responding to them? People are rooting for her, and backing this effort of hers and they are rooting for greatness that she has yet to give.

I understand supporting your favorite artist but you don't have to turn a blind eye to bullshit.
The video was not amazing, this song is not great. She is better than this. And if you are a Kim fan (as I am) and you don't agree with me, be mad, but be honest with yourself. 

*quick questions*

-Why the hell is she mad a Diddy? His opinion should mean the least to her.

-Can we talk about the credits at the end of this video? So unnecessary.

-If you're beefing with an artist, but said artist won't even respond to you, what are you really doing?

I don't usually deal with celebrity stuff on my blog, but this video really pissed me off. This beef is just stupid.

Edit: Check out this video Kid Fury did about Lil Kim and her Mixtape. He usually says what we're all thinking, he's just funnier. 

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