This Has To Stop

10:32 PM

Here we go again with these random ass gifts from the boss. I just...why must she keep doing this? She even nominated me to be the store All-Star, this is just...

She decided that she was going to buy us something for valentine's day, she looked at me before going on her lunch break and was like, "do you want candy or something from Bath and Bodyworks?" Ok listen...why? My mouth fell open and I just stood there and looked at her, she couldn't really be asking me if I wanted a valentine's day gift least of all from her. But apparently she could and she did. This was my birthday all over again!

She went on her lunch break and purchased us all chocolate candy, heart shaped chocolate candy at that. Now you would think we'd all be like, "THANK YOU!" you know, show a little appreciation. But that's not how any of us in this store operate. Everyone looked at the Godiva bag and then looked at each other and asked, "she bought us candy? But why?" And then we all sort of walked away from it. No one took the candy.

That was Thursday. I walked into work today and she had removed the candy from the bag and placed our names on them so we had to take them and I'm sure that just like me, all of the girls picked their candy up slowly and tossed it in their purse. I'm so uncomfortable with this gift.

Oh, and can we talk about the fact that next to my candy was a gift card to Coffee Bean for a large sale that me and an associate had? What is this? I know I said she could have bought me coffee for my birthday but coffee and chocolate?

And I still don't know how I'm going to get out of this dinner she's taking us to next month.*sigh* First world problems.

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